Operational Safety

Creating a Culture of Safety

At Arrow Material Services, safety is our foundational core value. That’s because everything we do starts with safety. Our team keeps safety at the forefront of our operations by focusing on getting HOME SAFE TONIGHT. In addition, our process-based operations are continuously reviewed, verified and validated, and our team members are trained from Day One in our culture, policies and procedures. What’s more, our training policies and procedures are audited by multiple third parties and consistently grade out at 100%.

We implement our safety strategy through our Managing Beyond Zero initiative. Not to be confused with the “zero defects” manufacturing approach or “zero tolerance” programs, Managing Beyond Zero means that we are proactive rather than reactive. We manage “variances” and potential hazards before they become incidents, and we empower and encourage all team members to STOP everything if they have the slightest concern about the tasks or processes they are performing. As a result, our customers’ shipments are accurate and on-time, while operating efficiencies allow our facilities and equipment to be maintained in excellent condition.

Recognition of our outstanding safety record includes multiple CSX Awards for Excellence. These honors acknowledge our performance at TRANSFLO terminals nationwide and characterize the standards we set throughout our operations.

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Arrow Material Services Safety Video